Fareed Zakariah and by extension Global Public Square (GPS) are not indispensable in my life after all. I cannot recall when I started watching GPS but it was several years ago. It is broadcast on CNN by 8pm or 9pm Nigerian time which is sometimes the same as the time in London.

Last Sunday (24/11/2019) it was not featured at all. Rather, Dr. Sanjay Gupta toured the world of Captain Planet (Ted Turner), a re-broadcast. I watched it a second time then went to bed and woke up the following morning and the globe was still turning. The world did not come to a standstill after all.

            No sarcasm is meant. In a country where electricity from the public source comes by default, I always make sure I have gasoline to power the 6.5 KVA generator I have to be sure there is electricity at the appropriate time for me to watch GPS on Sunday. That day, there was no GPS, yet life continued. And as American poet Robert Frost said, life goes on.

I am therefore wondering why Republicans in Congress (other than Justin Amash) and Republicans in the Senate (other than Senator Mitt Romney) give the impression that there can be no USA without Donald Trump. Watch them defending Trump and you feel a sense of pity that one person can so much emasculate highly intelligent and experienced lawmakers and get away with it. It is so clear that if Donald Trump had his way, Congress would not exist.

One thing that appears Republicans are desperately trying to avoid is the fact that if Trump is trumped, it is a Republican that will take over, not a Democrat. Or is Mike Pence as unpopular as the British Labour Party leader Mr. Jeremy Corbyn; it appears British are prepared to swallow anything Boris Johnson does rather than have Mr Corbyn as Prime Minister.

My father A. B. Ubong, God bless his soul, once said to me that if someone leaves office and things go down or come to a halt, it means that person was not successful and was not a good leader. A good leader is not the one that is indispensable; it is the one that positions the group (from family to nation) for growth in his or her absence. That American Republicans (from the ‘base’ to legislators) believe that God’s own country cannot survive without Donald Trump tells an uncomfortable story. Probably they can review their positions?

The drama in the US Congress is indeed so fascinating.

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