Ladies and gentlemen, on 9th May I circulated a Facebook post on my application of the concept of the greatest good for the greatest number. I suggested that rich Nigerians should use their wealth in their families but slice a little portion and share to the poor. Thus they can send their children to study abroad but pay fees for the child of the poor in Nigerian schools at least for the safety of their children in the future.

Mr. Ganiyu Abiodun of TRCN Abuja reacted promptly with above post. A Yoruba king is running a school for children of the poor who receive free tuition, food, board, and even laptops!

What can you do at your level? Fees for just one child is too high for you? What about skills training for your distant relation or neighbour who cannot afford the charges? Can’t you let go one holiday abroad or a third car or even that expensive dress and trinkets?  Must we come to the world, live comfortable lives and bow out without affecting even one less privileged?

Think about it and if the message makes sense, forward to others. Remain blessed.

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