There are many attributions to the phrase, “Hell hath no fury like the anger of a woman scorned.” An early attribution goes to William Congreve, a British poet and playwright in his play “The Mourning Bride” (1697). The word scorn has synonyms including contempt and betrayal.

To date, Senator Godswill has been romping like a hippopotamus, master of land and water. He is also a human Teflon as nothing appears to stick on him in spite of the tons of negative stories swirling around him. But it does appear no strong woman has crossed his path to date. Is this it? Can Port Harcourt girl sink this self-acclaimed Titanic? Some points to ponder:

    Madame lost my sympathy when she played the female card by listing sexual harassment as an arrow in her quiver. She did not need to, for as she claims, she has enough documents in her handbag to send the affable Senator back to Ukana on retirement if not prison. My grouse against sexual harassment as a tool of war started with the Monica Lewinsky versus President William Jefferson Clinton saga in the USA in 19c8-1999. With IVF on firm ground, I believe that women do not need direct interaction with men to create new life. Being co-creators with God therefore it is morally and spiritually wrong to use their sexuality to destroy people. There are undoubtedly genuine cases of sexual harassment but too many women are hiding under that guise to wreak havoc. Those employing this tactic wrongly should do penance. Kiss and tell hardly end well and if the Senator wants one new girl per day he can fund it if he has the energy. This line should be dropped.

    Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has rightly taken his daughter to his official residence for protection. Godswill must stay away for his own good more so it is now a case of PDP Governor protecting APC stalwart. I have watched Gov Wike; he never leaves Rivers to look for trouble outside (his hands are full back home). Whoever takes the trouble to his domain must rake in more than he/she bargained for. One hopes this saga is not arranged.

    Senator Godswill will not win this fight whether by force (as in the use of law enforcement) or in the court. Anti-Godswill strong winds have been blowing for some time and what it will do will be to open further the anus of the fowl.

    Senator should pull back, take cover in the Federal Ministry of Niger Delta and let this blow over. Luckily the case of Mr Ibrahim Magu is also on the hot plate and will calm soon (meanwhile my brother, if a powerful Northener like that has been benched, think again. Our elders told us that if in an attempt to cut a plantain stem an axe was broken, the machete should think twice of its capacity.

    Senator Godswill must leave NDDC alone. This behemoth has been doing the opposite of what it was set up to do since the days of its forerunner OMPADEC. A thought-provoking photo clip has been making the rounds in WhatsApp. It shows three hungry men from the Niger Delta struggling with a boat on crude oil covered shore. The caption is,” Where the money is made.” The next photo shows three smiling youths in babariga posing in front of a private jet. The caption is, “Where the money is used.” That summarizes the story of OMPADEC-NDDC: the poor work; the rich, often not part of the NDR enjoy. The NDDC well will dry up when crude oil and gas dry up several years from now. For now, the sharing of the booty will continue.

    Senator Godswill has enough for comfortable living for two lifetimes. He should Jettison the infamous law of mass acquisition before he loses all he has already acquired lest it becomes like the story children are told: a dog with a fat bone in its mouth, saw its reflection in a stream, let go the bone, plunged into the cold water and came up with neither its original bone nor the one in the reflection. A bird in hand is worth ten in the unknown forest.

    No matter how stubborn somebody is, he or she listens to at least one person. If that person has access to this post, he or she should advise Senator Godswill to backtrack. He should read Judges chapter 4 on what a supposed friendly and harmless woman did to Army Captain Sisera. He should discuss with his colleagues in the National Assembly so that they do not proceed with the hearings (maybe the arrest was intended to stop her from appearing before the House Committee). But if Senator Godswill sees himself as invincible he should recall two things – the Titanic sank and the strongest of men do become tragic heroes. Wisdom dictates that he should lie low. Nigerians have a short memory and issues of this nature go with the wind sooner than later.

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