Are human beings hardwired for religion?” Part 2

Why should highly educated people exhibit behaviours which generate shock and disbelief when religious issues are concerned? How should violence on people who hold different religious views be explained? When people carry out irrational acts on matters of religion how can such acts be justified or at least explained? Scientists say certain human behaviours in […]

“Are Human Beings Hardwired for Religion?” (1)

I had concluded a topic for this Sunday but the trending issue in the Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto made me consider a piece on above topic. Why should highly educated, highly placed, and highly exposed people act in ways too difficult to explain once religion becomes an issue? Incidentally, the lesson today where […]

 ‘Secret Societies:’ The Quest Continues

I read a recent post by one Ata Ikiddeh of Akwa Ibom ‘Diaspora’ on the age-old controversy regarding secret societies. Once upon a time it went like wildfire throughout Nigeria from the Federal Civil Service to churches to peer groups. There was a frenzy as people searched for members of the ‘fraternities’ for the purpose […]