As a banker decades ago I learned as well as used the concept of moratorium in credit administration. Long term loans are expected to attract few months of grace before repayment of principal sums although interest payments start in a short while.
This provision took a new significance to me recently. To start a business especially one involving fabrication or purchase, installation, and operationalization of machinery can take painfully long if the investor has callous and greedy suppliers or bureaucracy becomes a hindrance. I now understand what Alhaji Aliko Dangote is facing in the refinery project. Imagine paying interest on millions of dollars of loan since 2018 and now principal instalments. Terrible!
I hope today’s bankers are as understanding as bankers of our age. Intending investors don’t run or develop high blood pressure because it is a common situation in a developing country situation. Stay and weather the uncertainty. You’ll be there with time.

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